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Kev Paxton is a Scottish Metalwork Artist based in Edinburgh. His biggest influence is his love for nature and Scotland has been his generous muse.

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Bill the Bull

Bill the Bull

Bill is the first full sized Highland Coo to be made this way by ArtFe.  Created from a 16mm round bar skeleton with a hyde tanned from 30x3mm strips of steel, he was galvanised, acid washed, primed and then presented at Pittenweem Arts Festival as a blank canvas.

Bill lends himself to the Hindu belief that the cow is sacred. Revered for its gentle and giving nature, the cow is honoured in festivals and adorned with brightly coloured garlands and paint. And there lay the inspiration for what happened next :

During the Arts Festival Bill was painted to raise funds for an amazing local Edinburgh charity ‘It’s Good 2 Give.’ Kev offered up what he believed to be a “good enough Bull” to those who felt they could be a “good enough artist”. He simply  encouraged children (and adults) to pick up a paintbrush and finish what he had started. The result is a beautiful technicolour cow who turns heads wherever he goes.

Bill has since become something of a local celebrity, but we are determined to not allow this to go to his head.


Pre paintwork at Perth Racecourse Ladies Day.


After spending a week at Pittenweem Arts Festival.


Stealing the show at Leila Bibizadeh’s Exhibit Here gallery, London.


Adrenalin junkie outside Mark McGill butchers in Currie, whose customers raised an incredible £177.00

Kevin Paxton, Edinburgh.

Bill and Kev modelling for Scottish Field

Bill will eventually find his forever home, but is currently available for red carpet events, premiers and book signings. Please contact ArtFe for more information.

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