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Kev Paxton is a Scottish Metalwork Artist based in Edinburgh. His biggest influence is his love for nature and Scotland has been his generous muse.

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Lunch with an old bag

Lunch with an old bag

Here at ArfFe, we might like to give the impression we’re the bad boys of blacksmithing, but we are all big softies at heart. When we heard about the great work James Thomson of the Prestonfield House Hotel and Fiona Donaldson who organises ‘Lunch With an Old Bag’ does raising money for the Prince’s Trust, we knew exactly how we could help.

We’d already started our ‘ferrous topiary’ collection of sculptures and Fraser Briar, our lovely stag, was causing a stir everywhere he went.  So we decided to make something very special – a wee topiary coo, which we named Lady Wallace of Briar. We cheekily pinched her initials from Lunch With an Old Bag.  More pictures of her can be found under ‘sculptures’ on our website.

Lady W was then auctioned at the LWOB event at The Prestonfield Hotel.   Happily she exceeded all expectations by raising a whopping £8,700.00, every penny of which will go towards helping young people in Scotland.


Judy Murray admiring Lady W

‘Lady Wallace was one of our stars!! Thank you, and please thank Kev and the ArtFe boys, on behalf of everyone at LWOB. It’s wonderful when something so special comes along and makes such a fabulous impact!’

– Fiona Donaldson –

Fiona Donaldson 


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