by Kev Paxton

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Quick Bio

Kev Paxton is a Scottish Metalwork Artist based in Edinburgh. His biggest influence is his love for nature and Scotland has been his generous muse.

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Using centuries old blacksmithing techniques, ArtFe create beautiful bespoke sculptures for private buyers, commercial businesses and more recently public commissions. The sculptures are primarily made from mild steel, though occasionally other mediums such as recycled plough metal, wood and glass are incorporated. Modern techniques like galvanising and acid washing create individual and enduring finishes.

Kev Paxton

Kev began his work in the Smiddy as an apprentice in 1989 and mastered his trade over a period of 10 years, when in 1999 he set up his own business, K Paxton Blacksmith. Very quickly his skills evolved into an artisan craft and the beginnings of ArtFe took shape.
Forging metal came as second nature to Kev and from the very first moment he stepped inside a Smiddy, it felt like home. His love of nature and the Scottish countryside are evident in his work and whilst his primary objective is to make us smile, he likes to encourage us to consider our relationship and place within our natural environment. What would he be doing if he wasn’t a Blacksmith ?…….Giving Gordon Ramsay a run for his money in the kitchen !

Angus Megarry

After discovering an interest in blacksmithing during a work experience day, Angus was introduced to Kev via a family member. He joined the company in 2011 and quickly became a highly valued member of the ArtFe family. Angus prefers working on the fire (forging) , but is hands on with every other practical aspect of the work. “Delivering the finished product to the customer is the best part of this job”. We’re not surprised because he seems to have a talent for being fed tea and cakes by many of these customers. (n.b. Strawberry tarts are his favourite)

Paul Cameron

Paul joined the team in early 2014 after leaving college and a short time working in the construction trade. There is no one job he prefers and he will turn his hand to anything. Having an ambitious nature and an impressive willingness, Paul has quickly found his place at the heart of ArtFe. If asked how he came to be working where he is now, his response is “I got lucky”. Only the golf course comes between him and his work

Harry 'Paxton'

Harry is the Smiddy dog, a three year old Bearded Collie who often visits Kev and the boys at work, along with his brother Franky. He is another much loved member of the team and can often be found chasing tennis balls and checking out the farm cats at the Smiddy. His special talents are listed as barking whilst holding two tennis balls in his mouth and making sausages disappear. He is also credited with being able to drag Kev away from his work to enjoy some fresh air in the surrounding countryside. He prefers biscuits to strawberry tarts.

Deek Barnett

Deek has been with us since 2015 and joined as ‘Blacksmiths Mate’.
Kev used to be a Thai boxing coach and met Deek when he came to train under him at the gym. It was obvious that Deek had potential, both in the ring and as someone who would work very hard and with fighting spirit.
He has never disappointed us and his tenacity and willingness to learn, have earned him a place as our most enthusiastic apprentice.
He maybe wee, but his banter is world class and he could happily punch well above his weight.

Robbie Pollok

Late 2016, Robbie’s path led him to our door. An irresistible blend of Weige (Glaswegian) and Italian genes, make him the perfect addition to our eclectic team. Since then he has talked (to himself), danced and sung his way into our hearts.
Prior to joining us, Robbie made sculptures from wood and clay. In his spare time and as a distraction from an uninspiring fabricating job, he freelanced for his Dad, who works in special effects and built his own forge in order to “play with hot metal”.
Robbie was initially employed to temporarily replace Angus, whilst he was off exploring the Far East and Australia, but he’s a talented and much valued part of our family now and we wouldn’t want him to ever leave us.
Outside of work, Robbie enjoys the outdoors, spending time ‘wild camping’ and almost definitely not poaching fish…

Jan Straka

Arriving in Scotland during deepest darkest winter, from a foreign country, is a bold move. Doing so, alone and not knowing a soul, is brave. This is Jan, our quiet warrior.
Jan ran his own business making exquisite knifes in his home country, the Czech Republic, before taking the adventurous step of moving to Scotland.
Though we tease him about burying his past, we all know the real reason he is here and we are very happy he has found us. “A good guy” is how the boys describe him and “a little OCD”, referring to the high standards he sets for himself at work.
Committed to exploring Scottish ‘culture’, in many of our fine public houses, Jan has been known to struggle into work on a Monday morning. He’s yet to discover the magical properties of Irn Bru, but we are equally committed to educating him in all matters Scottish.

Dan Freyne

Dan ‘The Hobbit’ served his time the same way Kev did, which gave him a similar solid foundation for his craft.
A Blacksmithing ‘Journeyman’, he has spent the last year moving from Smiddy to Smiddy, adding to his experience. With France, Germany, the Ukraine and Italy already under his belt, he is now back in Scotland doing things the ArtFe way. After the initial shock of this wore off, Dan has built up a mutual trust and respect and is now making his own unique contribution.
Adrenaline sports are his thing and so selling his beloved mountain bike to fund the start of his journey, demonstrates his passion and commitment to Blacksmithing. In fact, he talks about little else. We know Dan will eventually move on, but nobody leaves without taking a small part of us with them and leaving a part of themselves behind.